Branding, PACKAGING DESIGN, Illustration

Zit Warrior Collection

01 —

Knowing teenagers always have to fight against acne in their puberty stage, Masquebar decided to create a whole new brand targeting acne that called Zitwarrior.

You can tell by the name, we will use the main hero as a character that fights evilness (for this project: pimple, acne etc...). Before starting this project, I researched everything about cartoon and comic that helps create the main superhero. I came up with 3 different hero concepts following by 3 different facial sheet mask concepts.

01 —

After a few discussion, we all agree to use a bee-inspired hero that fights like a bumblebee.

For the first batch of this collection, there are 3 different products which is a sheet mask, a peel-off mask and spot patches. I also designed a spread magazine ad to promote our new brand.

Please see below for the final result.