01 —

For this project, Mannings want to create a new facial sheet mask line that is completely different from what they have right now.

Based on their inspiration, we came up with a mood board for this project, which is monochromatic and minimalistic. Their main requirement will be a clean layout with simple texts (English and french needed to be shown on the front label) and 2-3 main colors.

02 —

To match with the new concept, we decided to recreate a simplistic logo that represent the minimalistic style better.

Below are a few ideas for logos I came up with for Mannings. I designed several mask sachet concepts with new logos for the first feedback from the client. Understand that Mannings want a "monochromatic" style, which is black and white or different shades of one colour only, I thought a neutral or green colour concept will attract customers better.

03 —

After receiving feedbacks and comments, here are final products.

The main facial masks for this line are Moisturizing, Soothing and Rejuvenating sheet masks. Using green colour to show the sustainability and clean concepts with a touch of cream colour to balance it out.